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July 1, 2019
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The Rise of Home Automation
September 3, 2019

Are You Sabotaging Your Website Rankings?

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Have you noticed your website rankings are sinking lower and lower?  You may be pushing your site further down Google’s results without even realizing it.  It may be time to consider some marketing improvements if you want to get your rankings back on top.

  • Check for Duplicate Content. Google analytics search for new and unique content.  If your content closely matches the content found on another site, the search engine won’t know whose information is most important.  Set aside time to create content that is unique and fresh to you.  Find what sets your business apart from your competitors and focus on that.
  • How is Your Page Speed? You will rank higher in search results based on the loading speed of your website.  Google knows it can be frustrating for users when a site takes too long to load and will punish you because of it.  There are several tools you can find online to measure your site speed.  Identify your problem areas and take steps to correct them.
  • Are Your Certificates in Order? You may have noticed that websites often have an SSL Certificate which creates a more secure browsing experience with users.  Check your website address.  You’ll notice it either begins with http:// or https://.  If your website has that “s,” it is secure.
  • Design a Responsive Site. It is absolutely essential to have a mobile-friendly website.  Google has stated they will rank non-responsive sites lower.  Your website should adapt and resize based on the device being used to view your site.  Screen size, orientation, and platform are all major factors here.  If your site stays static on all, you’re hurting your ranking.

If you’ve noticed any or all of the above issues on your site, give our design team a call at 800-538-0669.  Don’t punish yourself, or your business, with bad rankings.

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