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Recruiting the right person for the job


Hands down, the biggest problem I’m hearing from many of my client’s regardless of their industry right now is that “we can’t find people to do the job.” This labor shortage is no joke. Yet, many businesses are one important detail and missing an amazing opportunity to sell themselves:

The “Careers” page on their website!

Do this: Spend 30 seconds on your company website’s “Careers” page. I’ll wait right here for you.

OK, so what do you find?

For many (if there was a page at all), it probably looks like:

  • A picture from 2007 of the team standing in front of the building
  • A paragraph of text about the company
  • A list of positions available
  • An “apply” button that kicks you to a form

Not exactly compelling potential future employees to scream “I need to work at this place!”

Am I right?

“There are so many job openings for so few people that business MUST differentiate yourself to potential hires. It is “selling” just as you do in front of potential customers only this time it is to prospective employees.”

So here are a few ideas for your Careers page:

  • Interview your CEO or President about the company’s core values and put that video on the page.
  • Showcase with great photography the office / warehouse / manufacturing space.
  • If you have strong reviews on Glassdoor (or elsewhere) from current/past employees, include some screenshots.
  • Talk about benefits.
  • Incorporate photos from company events to humanize your team.

Many of you reading this right now either own, manage or work inside of amazing companies.

One way or another, make sure your business actually looks like the great place it is to the outside world. Especially in a time like this.

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